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TradeDesk is a revolutionary platform to facilitate the digital trade of physical goods.

How Does TradeDesk Work?


Register yourself and login in TradeDesk app. View all the bids carefully


Select Your Bid Carefully and click on Bid. After Bidding wait for Admin to respond to you


Entering the group start conversation and negotiation & upload necessary documents

Make Your Deal!

After successful document upload and based on your conversation, your deal is done!

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Tradedeskagri.com provides Real Prices accumulated from it's global pool of buyers and suppliers.

  • 35 years of experience in Global Agri Trade.
  • Our dedicated team works round the clock to get you greatest returns on your trade.
  • Track bidding end to end.
  • Uploading and verifying documents on the app.
  • Chat on trade groups.
  • Instant notifications and daily update about the pulses market.
  • Complete customer support throughout the journey of the trade.

So download the app now and start trading!

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